How do I sign up for classes?

     There are several ways for you to sign up for classes.  First you may email us your name, the class or classes you would like to sign up for, and the number of people attending the class.  Our email is located under the "contact us" page.  You are also welcome to call us at 515-277-3545 and reserve your spot. Finally you are welcome to come in on the first night of class and register then.  We accept cash, check or credit card payments.

What sort of shoes and clothes should I wear?

     We do not require any special shoes or clothing for beginner classes.  We recommend wearing clothes that you can easily move in and shoes that will stay on your feet while being active (ie: flip flops are not advised).  Once you have decided that you would like to continue in the ballroom world, we will help you acquire the proper shoes and clothing suited to your dancing goals.

Why should I come to the practice parties?

     There are several reasons why the practice parties are beneficial.  First of all is the obvious, practice.  If you do not practice the steps that you learn in class, it will be like re-learning the steps again in the next class and will slow your progress.  Instructors are available at the dance to assist you with questions on steps you have been learning in lessons.  Secondly, it gives you a chance to see many of the dancing styles offered at the Des Moines Ballroom so that you may make an informed decision on what classes you would like to take and which dances you would like to learn.  Thirdly, there are people of all levels practicing at these parties that have skills ranging from beginner students to advanced students and professionals.  Watching others will give you an idea of how far you would like to go with your dancing.  Finally, coming to the parties allows you to meet the other dancers in the studio.  You will form lasting friendships and bonds with others who enjoy dancing as much as you do.

How do I set up private lessons?

     You will be able to set up private lessons whenever you and an instructor are available.  Contact us via email or phone to let us know dates and times that you are available and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do I need a partner?

     No partner is needed to join our classes or private lessons.  In private lessons, you will partner with your instructor to learn.  In group classes, we rotate partners during the class and the instructor will partner with students to allow everyone to dance with partners throughout the lesson.

Do you teach children?

     We teach people of all ages how to dance.  Children 12 and up are welcome to join any of the adult classes.  We do have specialized classes just for youth dancers on Saturdays.  See the Class List for details.  We also offer private lessons at a special rate for those under 18 and college students.

Will I be required to change partners?

     Changing partners is highly recommended for several reasons. First of all, it saves relationships!  When you and your partner are struggling to understand a step you will just become more and more frustrated.  By changing partners you will be able to try the step with several people who do understand it and they will help you understand it.  When you get back to your original partner you both have a better understanding of the step and the dance is more fun.  Secondly, we often have people who sign up for class without a partner.  Rotating allows them to practice the steps with a partner as well.  Thirdly, if you only ever dance with one partner you both develop bad habits that make it impossible for you to dance with anyone else as they do not know your bad habits.  Finally, ballroom is a social sport.  It is expected and proper etiquette that you dance with multiple partners throughout the night.  We will make sure that you always start with, end with, and spend most of your time with the person you came with.  This being said, if you are 100% against rotating, we will not force you to do so.

Can I come to the practice parties if I am not currently enrolled in any of your classes?

     Of course you can come to any of our parties! Everyone is welcome to participate whether they are taking classes with us or not.  These parties are meant to be a place to practice your steps and connect with other people in the ballroom dance community.