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Who We Are

Des Moines Ballroom has served the dancing community of Des Moines for over 30 years. It began as a cohort of amateur social dancers who got together a few times a week to practice together and has evolved to a professionally run ballroom dance studio. In 2018 the studio moved from the original location on Douglas Ave. to East Village. In 2021, the studio expanded to a two-story building in the historic Sherman Hill neighborhood.

Des Moines Ballroom is proud to provide highly-qualified, professional dance instruction.  Our instructors are experienced in various styles of social and competitive ballroom dancing and we are known for our inspiring attitudes to make learning fun.  


Whether you want to learn for fun, perform in shows, or compete on a national stage, we are here to help you reach your goals!

Anne Bates, Des Moines Ballroom.jpg

Anne Bates


Lead Instructor &

Director/ Choreographer of Performance Teams


"I love watching the joy in people when they reach their goals, whether they are learning the basic, performing a routine, or competing at the highest levels."

- Anne

Tallis Strub, Des Moines Ballroom

Tallis Strub



Lead Instructor

PD Moves




"I enjoy helping people conquer their worst fear, and seeing them realize that no one has ever died from taking the first dance step."

- Tallis


Do you need to have a partner to take group classes? 

Absolutely not. We welcome singles and couples to all of our group classes, and encourage a rotating partner system. 

Who can take private lessons? 

Anyone! We offer private lessons to individuals and couples, at all skills levels. We are here to help you reach your dance goals. 

What about parking?

We have a parking lot adjacent to our building on the East side. Additional free parking is available along High Street and Woodland Ave. 

Is there a dress code?

We recommend dressing for leisure and comfort. Dress clothes and casual attire are both okay. We wear clothing and shoes that will not be a hindrance to your dancing. 


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