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The PD Moves Project is a dance program for persons with Parkinson's Disease and their caregivers/spouses. The program was founded in Cedar Rapids in 2016 by Tallis Strub. The material focuses largely on social dance styles like Tango and Waltz, and also utilizes elements of Jazz, Tap, and Ballet to inspire movement combinations and variations.

Benefits of the program: 

As we add elements of music, rhythm, and social engagement, we begin to see both mental and physical benefits among participants. Some participants notice less tremor while dancing. Others experience more ease in movement overall. All experience joy! 

Partnership with Des Moines University

Each Fall and Spring semester, an 8-week program is offered to students of DMU, and Parkinson's patients to take a weekly ballroom dance workshop together. Students gain an important hands-on experience with participants, while learning a new skill alongside their class partners. This workshop is free to attend, and registration is available through the APDA of Iowa website. 



March 1 - April 12th

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Where: Des Moines Ballroom

1925 High Street

Des Moines, Iowa


Free to attend. Please call or email to register. 


 For more information about the programs mentioned above, please contact or call 515-277-3545. 

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