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The First Dance


Special Attention for 2022 Weddings

Our availability is booking up quickly! Please contact us immediately to book your first dance lessons for 2022. 

No one wants to look awkward on their wedding day, and we don't want you to either! Let us help you get comfortable together on the dance floor, so when the big day comes, you can relax and enjoy the fun! 

Bride and Groom Testimonial

The First Dance Package


For the bride and groom. Four 45-minute private lessons. Simple steps to a style of your choosing, or choreography that will wow your guests. This is your time, and your dance. We'll design with and for you!

Wedding Party

It's not too late!


Did you forget to schedule dance lessons and your wedding is less than 2 weeks away?! Don't worry. We'll let it slide. There's still time, and hope! We can equip you with the basics in a single 1.5  hour session. 

First Dance Bootcamp graphic.png

While we absolutely love working with couples in-studio, we understand that it's not always possible to get those crazy schedules to align with ours. So, we've created Your First Dance Online Bootcamp to give you all the tools to make your first dance the way you want it, on your own schedule!

After serving hundreds (that's literal) of couples in creating their first dance, we know exactly what you need to make it unique and successful. This program will launch September 1st. To take advantage of this brand new program with us, AND get a special "founding couples" rate, learn more here. 

First Dance FAQs

What should we wear for our private lessons?

Be comfortable! Come in clothing that you can easily move in. If you are wearing special shoes for the wedding dance, we suggest you bring them to practice in.

Do we need to have a song picked out?

No, of course not! We can help with that too! If you do have a song picked out, we will help you determine what style of dance will work best for what you've selected. 

Will this be choreographed? 

Our priority is to teach you to dance with each other, which involves some lead and follow. But, we totally understand that your objective may be to wow your guests and we are all for that! We  will ensure that your moves will be arranged so that you can remember what you need to do on the dance floor. 

Will you help us recreate something we saw on a video? 

We'd rather create something spectacular with you that will be viral-worthy, if that's what you're going for. Please keep in mind that our instructors are unable to completely copy from other sources. 

What if five lessons isn't enough?

We have been doing this for quite a long time, and we find that the majority of our couples feel very prepared by the end of their fifth lesson. However, you can always add additional sessions as needed, or take advantage of our guided practice sessions for additional practice time. 

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